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July 4th Travel Tips, Schedules, and Local Happenings

30 Jun

The 2017 AAA report  is out and it looks like a record number of people will be travelling this Independence Day. More than 85% (37.5 million) of you will take advantage of the extended weekend and choose to drive to your destination.

Photo credit: AAA

With so many people on the road, here are some summer driving tips to get you safely to your destination:

  • Get your car serviced before you go
  • Pack an emergency roadside kit
  • Buckle up, do not drive distracted or impaired
  • Stay alert, stop and rest if you feel tired
  • Don’t forget to check the car before you lock it, don’t leave your children or pets unattended in a parked vehicle

You can find a detailed summer driving tips list here.

During the 4th of July holiday public transit comes with many choices and special deals for those planning a getaway or just seeing the fireworks.

Check out some of these options for your holiday travel:

Bike shares are another way to get around in places like NYC, Princeton, and Philadelphia, and available in the following places:

Car-share options:

A great tool for anyone traveling, our traffic alerts for Mercer County and Ocean County  are always available at www.gmtma.org  and can be accessed on your mobile device (just not while you are driving).

If you didn’t make any plans yet, here is what’s happening in Mercer County  and in Ocean County.

Stay safe and enjoy your Holiday Weekend!


Summer Safety Travel Tips

22 May
Photo credit: pixshark.com

Photo credit: pixshark.com


Memorial Day weekend is here, which means it is the unofficial kickoff to summer! People start to head out on road trips and vacations, meaning that there are more drivers on the road during the summer months. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that there are higher fatalities during the summertime.

Before you get behind the wheel, read these safety tips to ensure a safe summer:

  1. Check the air pressure in your tires. Prevent flat tires or a blowout by checking the pressure in your tires at least once a month.
  1. Never leave children or pets unattended in a car. In only 10 minutes, a car’s temperature can rise over 20 degrees. Even if you are just running into a store for a few minutes, the car can heat up to dangerous and fatal temperatures. Always take your child or pet with you!
  1. Watch out for bicyclists! Warm weather can bring out many bike riders, both experienced and novice. When you are driving, be cautious of bicyclists by slowing down and moving into the next lane when it is safe to do so. Always be scanning the road for bicyclists and other pedestrians.
  1. Keep an eye out for children. During the summer, kids are out of school and are spending more time outside. Watch for children playing, walking, and riding bikes. Go slow through neighborhoods.
  1. Don’t drive distracted. Never talk or text on the phone while driving. If you are on a road trip, have someone else in the car use the phone to get directions. If need be pull over to the side of the road or find a rest stop to use your phone. Taking a life isn’t worth a text message! Keep your eyes on the road at all times.

These tips can help keep you and other drivers and pedestrians safe all summer long!