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Foot Loose and Potty Mouth Should Travel Without Excess Baggage

31 Mar

I really love riding transit, but there are moments that try to test that love…. On a recent train ride on NJ Transit I noticed a man taking over three seats while taking a nap and also a cup travelling unattended and taking over the middle seat. Apparently the cup had some “baggage” too but was completely unaware of how to store it and just threw it on the ground. Very unpleasant behavior for public transit if you ask me….

The cups and their “baggage”, people taking over more than one seat,  along with the “travelling DJ, foot loose, coastline clipper, potty mouth, and excess baggage” are  behaviors that transit agencies are looking to curb by investing in awareness campaigns. NJ Transit ran the “Greetings from the Rude Zone” campaign in 2015, SEPTA  ran the “Dude, It’s Rude” courtesy campaign, and this month Denver Transit launched the “Don’t be Jimmy” campaign, with a cartoon character, Jimmy, who is behaving in the above described manner.

The message is pretty clear and we should take notice if we want to have a pleasant ride, have clean trains, and be courteous to one another. We should all try to do the following:

  • If you have to take a phone call make sure you are not loud and keep private conversations for private spaces
  • Keep your shoes on and your feet off the seats
  • Throw your trash in a trash bin not under the seat, on the seat or leave a trash bag altogether on the train
  • Don’t listen to loud music or watch TV shows without headphones
  • Limit yourself to one seat
  • Grooming should be done in private, please do not clip your nails while riding the train!
  • Be mindful of the kind of food you bring on the train, strong smells can make some people sick

These are just a few of the common complaints commuters have.  Let us know if there any others that you think should be added to the list!

We hope these awareness campaigns are making a difference in your daily commute.   Let’s face it, whether you’re on a bus or rail, walking on the sidewalk or riding on a trail…dude, it’s just not nice to be rude!


Love Yourself – Make Your Commute Better

11 Feb

The average American spends more than 50 minutes each day commuting to and from work.  If you live in NJ and commute to NY or Philadelphia, you probably spend more than 50 minutes one way.  This can add up and over time can have an impact on your health and your relationships.  From increased levels of stress to not having enough time to exercise and not being able to spend enough time with your family, all of this can take a toll on your health and well-being.

Image shared from http://www.ny-muse.com/

Image shared from http://www.ny-muse.com/

When it comes to commuting, shorter is better. But if you don’t have that option how about making  it easier?

Here are a few suggestions:

  •  See if it is possible to work from home when the weather is bad, alleviating the uncertainty that we all feel when traveling in less than perfect conditions.    See if you can carpool or vanpool with someone from work. Sharing the ride will relieve the stress of driving every day.  (We can help you look for a carpool)
  •  If you take public transit, you can spend commuting time reading, listening to music, or listening to a podcast.   Click here for a list of popular podcasts.
  • Try to commute at alternate times so you can avoid the heaviest traffic and shorten your commute time.
  • Be an active commuter. Research shows that people who walk or bike to work are happier than people who drive.  If your commute is long, you can try biking or walking part of the way and then taking public transit. (We can help with that too)

We hope this helps! If you have any tips on how you make your commute easier please let us know, we would love to share them on our blog.



Valentine’s Day Commuter Contest

23 Jan


The Valentine’s Day “Love in Transit” contest is back this year!  As we said before, you do not fall in love while driving alone in your car! Cupid’s arrow can strike in unlikely places–and public transit is one of them.  Love connections are made and soul mates are found on trains and buses and subways.

Have you found your true love on public transit? Biking or walking to work? We want to hear from you and publish your story on our blog.  You could win a $ 75 gift card to treat your special someone.

And who knows, your story might just inspire other people to start using public transit more often.

Send your story to tma@gmtma.org by February 6, 2015. Open to Mercer and Ocean County commuters.

Romance… just one more great reason to ride public transit!