Did You Ride Your Bike Last Week?

20 May


Last week was Greater Mercer TMA’s Bike to Work Week. If you rode your bike last week, we thank you!

By riding your bike last week, you helped clear the air, reduce auto traffic, and made yourself healthier too. If you registered for Bike to Work week, you can now track your miles and answer a few short questions by filling out our Bike to Work Week survey. If you complete the survey, you’ll automatically be entered into our drawing to win one of the great prizes donated by our generous sponsors.

Click here to complete the Bike To Work Week survey!

And if you have any good biking to work stories, let us know! We want to feature them here on our blog.

Just because Bike to Work Week is over, that doesn’t mean you can get off the bike. So keep on riding. Do you want to know how many people ride bikes in America, who’s riding, and how many miles of bike lanes there are? The Census Bureau collects American Community Survey data to let us know. Find out who’s riding bikes in the largest 244 cities in the U.S.

Interested in biking more often and want to freshen up on your skills? The League of American Bicyclist’s Ride Better page has detailed the Rules of the Road and commuting tips. Simple bike maintenance and fix-it info can also be found on the page.


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