NJ Transit Launches Next Customer Satisfaction Survey

2 Aug

Last month, NJ Transit released the results of a customer survey conducted this past spring, showing below average acceptance ratings for rail service, but high approval ratings for light rail and transportation services for the handicapped. The survey solicited commuter opinions and polled commuters on their opinions of 32 different facets of bus, rail, light rail and Access Link service.

Commuters ranked NJ Transit on a scale of 1 to 10, with 0 being unacceptable, 5 is acceptable and 10 being excellent. According to the data, bus users –  NJ Transit’s largest percentage of customers, making up 61 percent of all commuters using NJ Transit –  gave the agency a 5.5 rating. Rail commuters, who make up 31 percent of all NJ Transit customers, gave the agency a 4.5 rating. Scheduling, service disruption and “mechanical reliability” were areas of note that commuters said NJ Transit needs to improve on, according to the agency. Light rail commuters gave NJ Transit a rating of 6.5, and Access Link customers rated the agency with a 7.5 rating.

Today, the transit agency launched its second customer satisfaction survey online as part of the “Scorecard” initiative, putting out a call to action for customers to help measure how the agency is performing and identify areas that need improvement. To participate, customers simply visit njtransit.com/scorecard and complete a survey about your transit riding experiences in New Jersey; all customers who participate in the survey will automatically be entered to win one of five free monthly passes.


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