“Smart Bus” Technology Coming to a Bus Near You!

15 Feb

NJ TRANSIT announced an initiative last week intended to give customers real-time information on trains and buses.

Last week, the NJ TRANSIT Board of Directors approved a contract that will allow NJ TRANSIT’s entire bus fleet to be equipped with smart bus technology.

The Board authorized a $22 million contract with Clever Devices LTD of Plainview, NY, for hardware, software and services for the installation of smart bus equipment on approximately 1,040 transit, cruiser and articulated buses.

According to NJ TRANSIT, the Clever Devices platform offers many operational and customer benefits, including automatic bus stop announcements, vehicle condition monitoring, passenger counting, and real-time location reporting. The technology, together with an upcoming procurement for a new radio system, will ultimately enable NJ TRANSIT to deliver real-time bus location and arrival information to any web-enabled device, letting customers know when their bus is expected to arrive at their stop.

The installation of smart bus platforms is expected to be completed in two phases by the end of 2012, while delivery of the remainder of NJ TRANSIT’s new smart buses is expected to be completed in 2013.

Rail customers will also see improvements. The My Transit alert system, which alters customers about delays, service disruptions and schedule changes, will now give customers weekend rail alerts and news of Access Link para-transit disruptions.

For more info, click here.


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